Auto Staking

You can earn weekly passive income just by holding XBN and claim XBN or BUSD at this page using Dapps wallet.

Reward fund

Staking reward fund is from 10% selling tax and stored at this address: 0x8ab58dd7ac92ee5088a34556bed11be7b74b2ab0
Reward adjustment
After analyzing claiming pattern, there are only ~ 50 people claiming XBN on average every week while there are 66000 XBN Holders ( Jan 2022). It means that Auto Staking only benefits very tiny amount of holders, while most other holders care is about XBN price.
This mean that this XBN staking create price pressure while just benefit 0.075% number of holders.
So, to make it fair for most holders, we will reduce staking reward 50% comparing to previous and will consider to stop auto staking and replace by Bond in future.