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What is XBN Finance

Powering the next Big Things on EVMs

Follow the next big ideas, build the next big thing
XBN Finance aims to power the next big things on Ethereum Virtual Machine Networks.
XBN works as an engine: innovate and build ideas and technologies that create wealth for XBN token holders. When an investor buys XBN and becomes an XBN token holder, the investor acquires a piece of a team that is dedicated to seek the next big ideas and build those technologies in crypto space to create wealth for her.
Since the beginning of 2021, XBN has quietly developed a small but robust ecosystem around tokenization concept with XBN as the core token. XBN is the financial hub and the tech center of other projects that we build. In the NFT space, XBN built the foundation of PEPE - which will be empowered to be an NFT collection hub and marketplace in 2022. In the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming space, XBN built the CryptoWar, a highly engaging game where players can make a living by playing and earning real financial rewards from completing tasks and collecting in-game NFT items. Besides those P2E and NFT initiatives, XBN has major ambitions in the DeFi space with developing technology for migrating meme coins to XBN as well as staking XBN to earn BNB or BUSD. XBN also has a leveraged-yield-farming function and runs it through LatteSwap. At the moment, XBN has already run dual chains on both Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Avalanche (AVAX).
With an advantage in having tech capabilities, XBN works to be a financial engine of returns for token holders by engaging with frontier technologies that are new and innovative that create positive real change for the world we are living in today.
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